Best Places to Run for a great Date

Thanks to HK Running for putting this together!

We wanted to write this post for all you single fitness folks out there looking to make a good first impression on a first or second date. Why not mix it up and go running!

Below we have picked out some great places and ideas for a first or second date – runner’s style.

Gucci Dog – Road Run – 3.4km

Gucci Dog    img_9864    victoriapeakgarden                                                                                                         

A beautiful easy flat run around Lugard Road on the Peak.

This run boasts some of the best views in Hong Kong of the city. It’s an easy 3.4km road run starting at the Peak Galleria.

Meet in Central and take the Peak Tram up to The Peak, you can change into your running or walking gear there at the toilets in the Galleria. Lugard Road is a loop and either direction will be great. You go past exceptional views of the city (on a clear day), archways of foliage from old trees, Waterfalls, old Chinese Pavilions and a couple of public playground/ gyms where you can show off your pull-up or balance skills ;). Once you’re back at the start, head over to Hagen-Daz for a recovery scoop of icecream.

*Bonus – if you’re up for the steep walk (or quick taxi ride) head up Mt Austin Road to the Peak Gardens (3rd image along) and walk around.

Getting there: Peak Tram, or from Central get Double Decker bus no 15, or mini bus 1A. Get off at the Peak Galleria.

Getting back: From The Peak you can get taxis, buses or the Peak Tram back down to Central.


Room With a View – Road Run – 4km

Room with a view South Bay run   room-with-a-view-south-bay-run    img_2822

Another great run with beautiful sea views along the south coast of Hong Kong. Starting in Repulse Bay it’s 4km total out along the road (pavement) to South Bay Beach and back. It’s a little undulating, but nothing too difficult.

Meet in Repulse Bay. You can use the lockers in 7-11 to store any gear you don’t need. Head out along Beach Road then up onto South Bay Road and towards South Bay Beach. Once you’re there, head down to the beach and check it out, (if the café is open you can stop for a quick refreshing drink, or even a swim!) then head back.

Repulse Bay has toilets, water and showers available, so you can freshen up and then head to one of the great cafes in The Pulse for a drink or some food.

Getting there: From Central Exchange Square get bus 260, 6, 6A, 6X, 66 get off at Repulse Bay Beach.

Getting back: When finished, from Repulse Bay Road there are plenty of mini buses or double deckers that go back to Central, Wan Chai or Causeway bay or Aberdeen.


Snakes and Ladders – Road Run – 7.8km

Snakes and Ladders   img_0041  image1

This is a run that is more difficult – something to do if you are both runners or generally fit! Situated on Lamma Island – a great place to get away from the city for a half day’s adventure. The route is 7.8km with 371m of elevation. It will take you from the beach, past local fishing villages, then up to one of the highest peaks on the island, with wonderful views of Aberdeen and Hong Kong. Then back down and into Sok Ku Wan which is on the other side of the island (toilets to change in there). Once done, you can relax and enjoy some local seafood or have a coffee and cake in one of the cafes.

Getting there: Jump on the ferry from pier no 4 in Central to Yung Shue Wan. From here walk (15mins) to Hung Shing Ye Beach. Start from here.

Get back: At the finish you can get the ferry from Sok Ku Wan back to Central. Ferry time tables available here: http://www.hkkf.com.hk/index.php?op=timetable&style=en


Quality Street – Road Run – 8km

Quality Street 2   cciaiwjwoaagehm  img_8678

One of the most popular running spots in HK. Its 8km total, out and back, but you can turn around anytime you like to make it shorter.

A tranquil route with lots of greenery and nice views. Two Pavilions on route with drinking fountains.

*Bonus, Head up the stairs about ¾ the way along and visit Lover’s Rock (2nd image). The area upon which the massive stone sits also offers breathtaking views of Victoria Harbour. Considered miraculous, the Lover’s Rock is believed to be the home of the God of Love.

Afterward, head to Pacific Coffee at the base of the Peak Tram, and enjoy their comfy outdoor seating while you enjoy your post run cappuccino. Alternatively go into Central for some food and drinks.

Getting there:

  1. a) From Central you can walk to the Hong Kong Park Sports Centre (free lockers and showers here – *no towels & need some form of ID. From here you walk up the stairs to Bowen Road about 10 mins) – map on route page.
  2. b) From Central get minibus 1A, ask to stop at the beginning of Bowen Road (no lockers or showers at the start here)

Getting Back:

Afterward, head back down to the Hong Kong Park Sports Centre or get a bus into Central from Cotton Tree drive (beginning of Bowen Rd).


The Whole 9 Yards – Road/ Trail Run – 5.53km

The whole 9 yards - Parkview to repulse 2 (1)    img_0043    img_0042

Here is a route if you want to turn up the adventure level. This has everything you would want in a run. On it you will find a great combination of road, trail, easy and technical sections. You will crossover bridges, streams, pass waterfalls and great views.

Meet at Parkview. The route takes you down past Tai Tam Reservoir, you turn right and onto the trail that brings you out in between ‘The Twins’, from there you go down the rocky trail to Repluse Bay at the finish. It’s possible to get water and snacks at Parkview supermarket at the start. Toilets and showers available at Repulse Bay. Freshen up there and to go a bar or restaurant in The Pulse for a post-run palaver.

Getting there:

From Central Exchange Square get bus 6 or 66, get off at stop ‘Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park’ on Wong Nai Chung Gap Road at the petrol station just passed Cricket Club. Go up the small stairs onto Tai Tam Reservoir Road and walk up the hill to Parkview. Or a taxi will take you straight there.

Getting back:

When finished you can get buses 260, 6, 6A, 6X, or 66 from Repulse Bay Road back to Central.



1) I can’t run and talk at the same time!

Don’t worry, a general rule of thumb is that if you can’t hold a conversation while running, you’re going too fast.

2) I can’t let them see me all sweaty!

You will both be sweaty don’t worry, the fact that your both out doing something different will be a great way to connect. Much more so that sitting face to face in a bar.

3) This sounds amazing, but I’m not good at running.

Not to worry, you can jog and walk, or just walk! All the views and things to see along the way will be great conversation starters.

4) I’m not fast and I won’t keep with them…

This is always something everybody thinks about when running with others. Seeing as neither of you want to completely exhaust yourselves, why not set a running date rule at the start. Something like –  3 min jog, 4 min walk ratio or something along those lines that you both agree on.