Everyone wants one…some only sign up for that perfect shot. But they usually end up looking like something you do not want to share….so what’s the secret?

Here are some tips to help you get that great running photo.

  • Get prepared for it – If you don’t like the fuzzy hair or messy look, then don’t go for it, make sure you take that little bit longer to get ready in the morning, brush your hair, if you like the way you look with make up on, then wear some (make sure it’s waterproof). However there are no set rules, if you like the natural look then it’s yours to be proud of.
  • Wear something great. It might sound silly – but make sure you have running kit that you love the look of. Pick something that makes you feel confident and strong.
  • Don’t forget the photographer is super friendly! – If you want, stop them before the race, say hello and ask to get a photo with your friends!
  • When you see the photographer during the run – (depending on where you are in the run) – you can either slow down a tiny bit and make sure your upper body relaxes, look at the photographer and smile – they will usually start taking photos when you are about 10 strides away (hold that smile until you pass them). If you want that ‘gliding in the air’ look – then extend your strides just a tiny bit and lift your legs a tiny bit higher. (keep that upper body relaxed, and smile).
  • Body posture – Keep that head up, upper body nice and tall and roll the shoulders back. Arms can: A) stay in running form,  B) go to 3 and 9 with thumbs up,  C) hands and arms raised 10 and 2 –  cheering on the world and claiming your fame, or D) Give a wave.
  • If you are crossing the finish –  run through it, dont stop straight away – Keep running just a little longer across the line for that extra energy photo.

  • Do something fun! – If you like you can always do a skip or a jump or click those heels together to create that great action shot
  • Don’t force it – posing for a photo is great, but once you just start running again, chances are that ‘natural running’ shot could be the one. Enjoy being there!
  • If you have any tips – please leave them in the comments! 🙂