If you’re tired of hitting the bars or clubs for the countdown (not because you are old…) and are looking for something different or more meaningful, try these out!

  1. Hike and welcome the sunrise. Cheers for the countdown, head to bed for a few z’s then get up early, stretch and head out the door early to welcome the new year and the first sunrise of 2019. Suggested spot (links below): a) High West viewpoint – The Peak.  b) Lugard road lookout – The Peak, c) Violet Hill, d) Mount Parker
  2. Go camping! nothing better than waking up in nature to start a new year. – Tai Long Wan, Sai Kung
  3. Workout with a buddy. Spend the day eating well, grab a buddy, do a great solid evening workout (yoga, jog, hike, gym) celebrate the countdown and wake up feeling fresh, strong and hangover free.

Regardless of what you choose, we wish you all a fantastic new year and see you in 2019!

-W5 Team 🙂


High West location:


Lugard Road location


Violet Hill location


Mt Parker location