The Hong Kong based Women’s Five event company which organises fitness programs and running events for women has recently launched their own apparel wear for women and girls, starting off with leggings. Their launch collection includes items for ‘Active’, ‘Yoga’ and ‘Casual’ wear. We have recently opened our online store! www.womensfive.store

“It’s no secret that people love active wear in Hong Kong, and with so many women taking part in sports across the city, they need clothing that can keep up with the demand. As busy as the space is, we see room for improvement in the creativity of the HK market and wanted to offer not only comfortable, durable and high quality clothing, but also fresh new designs that add an element of fun and celebrate the energy of our active community. We are extremely excited about it and where it’s headed.” – Megan, Women’s Five design team.

The leggings are designed and made to suit most activities, be it Hiking, Running, Yoga, Traveling, catching up with friends etc. Not only comfortable and durable, with 4 way stretch and a tight knit yarn making them feel incredible smooth, the focus is also on quality with all the leggings being hand sewn in Europe.

The current sizes are varied and will be able to suit ages 15 and up.

To celebrate the launch and give back to the community the Women’s Five will be holding fitness meet ups in the coming months covering Yoga, Running/ Hiking, HIIT and Meditation.

The meet ups will be free of charge but will also be a chance for people to come and check out the sample leggings in person and get a big discount coupon on their first pair if they wish. Currently all sales will be online.

We feel this lines up well with our brand and mission of helping women start and/ or continue their fitness journeys, connect with others, trusting that through sports everyone can create a more positive life for themselves. And in celebrating the amazing women around us, encouraging all to not only chase their dreams but to think bigger and reach for even greater goals. The clothing hopefully will be a way to share a message about the values you believe in.