There are so many different ideas on how to run properly! The truth is each person will have their own style and form, but some things can help to give you a basic idea and improve effort and efficiency.

Here are a few basics to get you started

Eyes. Look ahead and keep your eyes and head up looking down means you will start to lean forward and your body position and running efficiency will decrease keep your eyes and head up which will also improve your breathing

Jaw. Don’t forget to keep your jaw relaxed this way you can breathe through your nose and mouth more easily

Hands. It’s easy to end up clenching your hands quite tightly when you run make sure to keep them relaxed this way you will spend less energy keeping them tense.

Feet. There is no right way to run and your gate and running style will depend on many things. Try and land mid-foot with a slight bend in your hip knee and ankle.

Mind. Don’t think too much or think a lot it’s up to you. Focus on your breathing. Listen to music. Enjoy the day.

Shoulders. Consciously drop and relax your shoulders you might find that as you run your shoulders slowly raise up and stay tense make sure to keep them relaxed so you save energy

Overall posture. Don’t bend at the waist too much when you are hunched over it’s harder to breathe and your chest is not open. Keep your shoulders back and upright you can have a slight lean forward from the ankle and let gravity help you run forward.