Hong Kong – what a place to be a runner/ hiker! so many places to go, so much to see.

Thanks to our event partner HK Running who have categorised over 600km of different routes to enjoy.

These are 3 of our favourite:

Stairway to heaven (The Twins) 

The Twins feature some amazing views, but beware it’s a leg burner and the stairs seem to never end. Verdict? Worth it. Follow the route here


The Whole 9 Yards 

Named because it has a bit of everything! Road, Trail, Streams etc. Starting in Wong Nai Chung Gap near the cricket club and finishing in Repulse Bay it’s a great little adventure! Follow the route here


Hammer Time

A little bit longer, but a fantastic run with great views and some tricky terrain (rocks and stairs). Starting and finishing in repulse bay…couldn’t be better. Follow the route here