A chance to review your year and set some goals for 2020!

It’s always good to take time and review and recalibrate your life and goals – the new year seems to be a great chance to do this so we wanted to give you some things to think about. Hope it helps!

-W5 Team

Writing down your goals!

(you are 42% more likely to reach your goals if you write them down and look at them everyday)


Write 3-5 things for each point.


  1. If anything could happen, what do you want to happen in 2020
  2. What made 2019 a great year
  3. What happened in 2019 that you didn’t like or want to change?
  4. What were you most grateful for in 2019?
  5. What did you learn about yourself in 2019 – and what will you do with this knowledge?
  6. List 3 or more achievable goals you can reach in 2020 and the dates you want to reach them by.
  7. Write down the first 3 steps to starting/achieving those goals and the dates you will start or complete them by.
  8. Imagine & write down how will you feel if you reach each of those goals. Close your eyes and try to really experience the feeling of achieving them, what’s it like, how does it make you feel inside? how is life different?
  9. What 2 or 3 things will you let go of in 2020 that didn’t serve you well in 2019?
  10. How will you look after your self in 2020?


We hope these have been helpful and wish you a wonderful start to the new year. See you soon! – W5 Team