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We are partnering with a valuable local womens charity in Hong Kong. Rainlily was set up in 2000, It is Hong Kong’s first one-stop crisis center for the protection of sexual violence victims. Rainlily offers the victims one-stop service around the clock, aiming to minimize victims’second-trauma when recalling such unpleasant experience. Working with professionals from other discipline, Rainlily’s service includes pregnancy prevention, screening and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, forensic medical examination, psychological support and reporting to the police. Rainlily, having served over 1,000 victimized women so far, is well-experienced in the provision of professional service.

Services Rainlily Provides

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*10% of your entry fee will be donated to RainLily however we always encourage giving what you can. If you would like to further support, volunteer or donate more please click the button below.