Event Partners

We are happy to team up with some amazing partners in Hong Kong that help us with our event. Learn more about what they do here!

If you are interested in becoming an event partner please get in touch! info@womensfive.com

HK Running

HK Running

HK Running is a site that lets you find great new places to run or hike in Hong Kong with ease. Their aim is to provide you with all the info you need for a great day out. Featuring multi-background mapping options, creative route names, transport info, safety and learning pages as well as a dedicated blog and forum for you to learn about everything running.

Benefit for participants: HK Running has helped to find and design the running courses we use, provide the maps and videos as well as helping organise the running meetups.

Website: hkrunning.com

Instagram: @hk.running

Lemon Drop Studio

Lemon Drop Studio

LemonDrop Studio locates in the heart of the vibrant Kennedy Town neighbourhood, Lemon Drop is a cozy studio filled with natural light. With a focus on small size classes and personalized instruction, the teachers of Lemon Drop Studio radiate with experienced knowledge from their diverse training. Lemon Drop Studio offers over 30-40 classes per week designed for all levels students. It offers Hatha Yoga, Gentle Flow, Yoga Fundamentals, Yoga Stretch, Vinyasa, Yin Yang, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Back Care Yoga, Core Strength Yoga, Detox Yoga, HIIT, Contemporary Dance and Kids Dance. Lemon Drop Studio organizes yoga events as well as workshops and trainings from time to time.

Benefit for participants: Lemondrop will be providing one of the Yoga videos, holding one of the yoga/ meetups and providing their studio location for the talk and movie nights.

Bookings: http://bit.ly/2u94bSe

Email: lemondropstudiohk@gmail.com

Instagram: @lemondropstudiohk

The Yoga Room

The Yoga Room

The Yoga Room is a boutique yoga studio in the heart of Sheung Wan with four studios (3/F, 4/F,6/F and 16/F). The Yoga Room is a sanctuary amidst the chaos below with its spacious and bright feel.

With a focus on small classes and high quality, personalized instruction, the teachers of The Yoga Room radiate with warmth and knowledge from their extensive and diverse training. The Yoga Room offers over 100 classes per week designed for the beginner to the advanced.  The Yoga Room is proud to offer group classes in Hot Yoga, Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Jivamukti,  Mindfulness Yoga, Vinyasa, Mat Pilates, Pre-natal Yoga, Prenatal Pilates, Mum & Baby Yoga, and Kids Yoga, all taught by Certified instructors. We also offer private classes at our studios or at your preferred location. The Yoga Room organizes a lot of outdoor yoga events as well as workshops and trainings with famous teachers from abroad.

Benefit for participants: The Yoga Room will be holding 2 of the yoga meetups for participants.

Website: http://yogaroomhk.com 

Instagram: @theyogaroomhk

Samantha Morphy

Samantha Morphy

I crave adventure in the great outdoors and this characteristic has taken me from California to all around the World. I have over 5 years experience in designing and monitoring exercise programs based on client needs, goals, abilities, and anatomy. Motivating people to be the best versions of themselves is what I love waking up to do everyday. I don’t think there’s anyone who always feels perfect about their body, but I’ve found that when I feel STRONG, my confidence skyrockets. My goal is empower you through fitness, to harness your personal strength, determination, and power to change the way you live your life! Let’s sweat!

Benefit for Participants: Sam will be holding a HITT class for one of the weekend training sessions and providing a HIIT workout video to follow at home.

Website: https://www.samanthamorphy.com/

Instagram: @morphyfit 

Mind Body Matters

Mind Body Matters

Alexa Massingham is a yoga teacher and mindfulness trainer for young people. Her company Mind Body Matters is the result of her experience in working in education and her practice of mindfulness and yoga. She is currently working with schools, businesses and charities in Hong Kong to support overall well being and stress reduction through both practices. As a former school teacher, her passion and motivation has been to support the wellbeing of young people, and those around them, to help them live happier and healthier lives.

Benefit to participants: Alexa will be leading one of the extended yoga classes combinded with a mindfulness practise afterward.

Calibrate by Stephanie

Calibrate by Stephanie

Stephanie is an Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of New South Wales in Sydney. She has a deep passion for exercise prescription for the elderly and other special populations, specialising in the prevention and management of chronic illness, such as cardiovascular and metabolic disease.

 She has worked as an Exercise Physiologist designing and implementing health management and exercise rehabilitation programs for private clients with a variety of lifestyle conditions, acute/chronic injuries, rehabilitation goals and exercise adherence issues. Many of the specialised skills that can only be developed working in rehabilitation and exercise physiology have empowered Stephanie to safely help professional athletes and her personal training clients achieve their individual goals even when present with an injury or chronic pain.

 Yielding both experience and knowledge, combined with her passion for maximizing her clients physical and psychological well being, Stephanie is the person to help you work towards achieving your health and lifestyle goals.

Benefit to participants: Stephanie will be providing the online mobility video and also holding the movement and strength class for the 5 week participants.

Website: www.calibratebysteph.com

Instagram: @calibratebystephanie

Sit Sat

Sit Sat

Kit Lee is the founder of sitsat and is a certified McLean Meditation Institute Meditation & Mindfulness Coach.

sitsat is a modern meditation space in Hong Kong.
We practice secular, non-religious meditations.
Our mission is to demystify meditation, make it more accessible, and approach mindfulness in a scientific way. ​

We hope to create a community of like-minded people, who sees meditation as a practice that creates positive vibes within us and for our world.

sitsat also offers corporate workshops. Modern meditation is training your brain. It can be a self-development tool to manage stress, enhance emotional balance, and be prepared for modern day challenges.

Benefit to participants: Kit Lee will be helping with meditation week as well as holding the meditation meet-up

Instagram: @sitsathk

Website: sitsathk.com

The Store HK

The Store HK


We don’t think health should be a luxury item.  So we searched the world for the best health food and eco-friendly products to give you 25-50% off the retail price.

Our health-conscious team consists of nutritionists, yogis and fitness nuts.

The Store is not just a business. It is a group of people who truly believe that everyone should have access to affordable, high quality nutrition. Our products are organic, vegan and environmentally friendly, wherever possible.

We believe we all have a responsibility to care for the environment.  Unlike other retailers in Hong Kong we use recycled paper bags, we up-cycle our packaging and ship by sea to reduce our carbon footprint.


Benefit to participants: The store will be giving all participants a % on products, as well as being the location for race pack pick up.

Instagram: @thestore_hk

Website: thestore.com.hk

teapigs Hong Kong

teapigs Hong Kong

teapigs – the brand of specialty tea from the UK.

With 32 flavours of tea covering black, green, white, oolong, herbal teas and super power organic matcha. Teapigs only use the very best quality whole leaf teas, whole berries, and whole herbs – not the dusty stuff. teapigs features green packaging which is either biodegradable or recyclable and all printing is done with vegetable based inks; the tea bags are completely biodegradable.

Order directly through the website or find teapigs teas at various supermarkets and specialty food shops in Hong Kong.

Benefit for participants: Teapigs will be providing everyone with a sample of their amazing tea in the sponsor bags.

Website: teapigs.com.hk

Instagram: @teapigshk

Fiji Water

Fiji Water

On a remote Pacific island, 2,575 km from the nearest continent, equatorial trade winds purify the clouds that begin FIJI Water’s journey through one of the world’s last virgin ecosystems. As tropical rain falls on a pristine rain forest, it filters through layers of volcanic rock, slowly gathering the natural minerals that give FIJI Water its soft, smooth taste. The water collects in a natural artesian aquifer, deep below the Earth’s surface, shielded from external elements by confining layers of rock. Natural pressure forces the water towards the surface, where it’s bottled at the source, free from human contact until you unscrew the cap. Untouched by man, it’s Earth’s Finest Water®.

FIJI Water was founded in 1996 out of the desire to share Earth’s Finest Water with the world. Today, it is available in leading hotels, fine restaurants and retail locations. As a leading export of the Fiji Islands, FIJI Water is now the number one imported premium bottled water in the United States and is enjoyed in over 80 countries across the globe.

FIJI Water is committed to doing business responsibly and seeking meaningful opportunities to make a difference. That means investing in its communities and the environment and focusing its efforts around meaningful issues with like-minded partners to enable positive change.

Benefit to participants: There will be Fiji Water available at the finish of the run!

Website: http://www.en.fijiwater.hk

Instagram: @fijiwater.asia

Youtube: Fiji Water Company

Ril Creed

Ril Creed

Launched in 2012 in Japan and 2014 in Hong Kong, The Japanese handbag label RIL CREED is designed by Hanada Kazue.

With over two decades of experience, Kazue’s designs are made for the modern working women on the go.

Made to empower every modern women, each RIL CREED handbag is designed in Tokyo and handmade by artisans with age old craftsmanship. With a vision to revolutionize the handbag industry by using sustainable, upcycled materials and encouraging women to see beyond luxury items, RIL CREED redefines handbags as a tool to collect experiences and a companion in women’s journey to change the world.

Benefit to participants: Ril Creed will be giving prizes to all the winners!

Website: http://www.rilcreed.com/

Instagram: @rilcreed



FLO JEWELLERY is a collection of high quality jewellery designed to remind you of the infinite possibilities within. Beautiful symbolic pieces empower men and women by inspiring hope and positive energy. Handcrafted by skilled expert jewelers using 925 sterling silver, 18K rose or yellow gold, FLO JEWELLERY collections are dedicated to working with ethical, family-run businesses assuring quality, fair and sustainable production.
Benefit for participants: FLO JEWELLERY will be sponsoring beautiful metallic temporary tattoos for the Women’s Five runners. Winners of the 5K run will receive a Gold/Silver/Rose Gold/ necklace as a medal.
Essencial Candles

Essencial Candles

Essencial Candles was started to help provide an all natural healthy candle for everyone to enjoy. They use all natural beeswax directly from a bee farm in Hong Kong and blend it with pure essential oils. With the use of beeswax, the candle acts as a natural air purifier as beeswax has a non-toxic burn and produces negative ions when burning. Added in is a cotton wick to throw off a lovely scent and a warm glowing essence.

All candles are hand made in Hong Kong

Benefit for participants: Each participant will get a special discount essencial candle coupon in their sponsor bag/ race pack!

Website: essencialcandles.com

Instagram: @essencialcandles