Frequently Asked Questions

Is this run only for women, men can’t register?
Yes gentlemen, this event is for women only – but we are counting on you come and cheer on the ladies! If you would like to volunteer please see our volunteer page to sign up
How do I register?
You can go to the registration page and follow the link to our registration and timing provider.
Can I pay by Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Cash?
Payment options are visa or mastercard – if you have any problems please email our registration and timing provider Race Timing Solutions
I signed up but haven’t received confirmation
You should receive an emailed confirmation within 24hrs after you send in your registration form. If you haven’t heard anything please email us or Race Timing Solutions.
Do I have to sign up before the 5 week program?
No, If you would like to do the ‘Full Program’ (5 weeks training + race) you can sign up anytime registration is open, but if you can, be sure you register before the 5 weeks start to get the most out of it.
Can I sign up for the run only?
Yes it’s possible to sign up for the run only, please see the registration page.
When does registration close?

Registration will close when we have reached the event capacity (which will be stated on the specific event page). If we still have space, we will close entries for the 5k a few days before the run.

I have registered half way through the 5 week training program - what happens now?

If you register during the training program you will be able to join in if you want from the day you sign up – we will email you the details, plus the weeks information you might have missed.

I can't do the run but I want to do the 5 weeks...is it ok?

Yes. For example, if you are busy on the day of the run but still want to do the 5 weeks of training of course you can do that.

Can I change any of my details after I submit my registration form?
Yes you can, please email Race Timing Solutions with the necessary changes.
How old do I have to be to register?
You need to be 14 or older (on event day) to run.
We have registered in a Team of 2 – what does that mean?
Rules for a team of 2 are you must start, run, and finish together. If you do not run and finish together (and are in a medal position) you will not qualify for that placement and it will be passed to the next team.
How do I do the run...and look great

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What happens if a team doesn't run together?
Team run times will be based on the slowest runner. If a team doesn’t run and finish together and are in a medal position (top 3), they will not qualify for the prize and it will be given to the next team.
Does the event raise money for Charity?
Yes! We have chosen a fantastic charity to work with this year, you can find out more about them through the charity link on the event page. 10% of every registration will go to the charity.
Can I donate more to the charity?
Absolutely! We encourage you to always give what you can, follow the charity link on the event page for donation information.
Do I need to bring anything for the sponsor bag/ Race pack pick up?
No, unless you are picking up for someone or your teammate – see below questions
I can’t make it to pick up the sponsor bag/ Race pack, can someone else do it for me?
Yes this is possible, that person will need to provide their ID and phone number when they do so.
I’m running in a team of 2, can my teammate or someone else pick up the sponsor bag / race pack for me?
Yes, but they will need to provide their ID and phone number when they do so.
Are there no T-shirts for the event?

No, we do things a little differently – At the current time, we find T-shirts for events good, but people rarely wear them. Instead, we give items to help you become healthier, fitter and more inspired that you can use in your everyday life. We wanted to give you things you will use and see every day, to remind you keep going, and that hard work pays off.

Are there water stops on the course?

Please bring your own drinks for the run or drink plenty before.

there are no water stops for the 5K course

There is one water stop for the 10K course – runners must bring their own water bottle to refill

there is water at the end of the run for all – again please bring your own bottles to refill. We will not be giving away sing bottles of water

Is there a time limit?

We have scheduled 2hrs for the 5km and 3hr time limit for the 10km.

Is there a schedule of events on the day or for the training program?

Yes! Please go to the ‘Race Information’ page and you will find the schedule.

If I am unable to attend the run, can my friend take over my entry place?
Sorry event entries are non transferable
If I am in a team of 2 and my teammate can’t make the run, can I swap someone else in?

Teams of 2 are allowed to swap one person due to unforeseen circumstances. This needs to be done within 2 weeks of the event date. Each change will be subject to a $50 admin fee. You will need to send us an email to Race Timing Solutions or info@womensfive.com with all the details and information from that person.

Why aren’t there age categories?

This is an event that focuses on participation and celebration of health, fitness and positivity. The joy and strength that you get out of working hard and doing your best is your reward. Join your friends and kick some butt doing the best you can!

For the time being the rules will stipulate, the first 3 across the line in solo or teams will get prizes. As the race grows we may consider including age categories

Where can I leave my bag while the run is in progress?
You will be able to leave your bag at the bag area near the start. Please remember not to bring anything valuable, as we will not be responsible for lost items. Please attach your bag tag to it (you received this with your number bib on event day), you will need to show your bib to retrieve your bag afterward.
Are there prizes for the run?
Yes prizes will be awarded to the top 3 across the line in each category (Individual or Team)
What if the run is canceled due to bad weather or I can't make it?

The weather in Hong Kong can be very localised. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the run at any time if weather conditions deteriorate. If a thunderstorm warning or typhoon signal is raised before the run start we will assess the conditions in relation to the specific course route and make a necessary decision based on keeping participants safe. This may include postponing the start until the weather warning has been lowered or the area is unaffected by the warning. If a thunderstorm warning is raised during the run, participants will be instructed by the course volunteers to head to the finish directly or via a shortened route. All participants will be alerted via email before the run if any of these outcomes look likely. Entry fees are non-refundable.

What if one of the fitness meet-ups is cancelled?

All 5 week training programme classes/meet-ups are outdoors and subject to weather. We have contingencies but if a class is cancelled it may not be rescheduled.

I've signed up, but I am pregnant

All pregnant participants should consult with their doctor before doing the event. If you are pregnant and have registered – but can’t join for health reasons, we will happily keep your entry for you for any race in the future. 

Can I get a refund for my race entry?

Unfortunately we can’t give refunds. There may be certain situations we can carry on your registration to the next event, but these cases need to be discussed and are up to the race director. Please send us an email if you have any questions

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