David / HK Running

David / HK Running

Tell us about yourself!

Hey! It’s David from HK Running (and the Women’s Five Founder). HK Running is a site for people to find great new places to hike or run in Hong Kong. We have over 600km of routes on the website – including how to get there and return, GPS maps, safety info and more.

Favourite place to work out in Hong Kong ?

Hong Kong is super diverse – you really can have it all. Our recent favorite place to run or walk is Lamma Island – 25mins from central it’s a isolated place with no cars or main branded stores, but has some great beaches, trails and places to explore!

What is your spirit animal and why?

Our spirit animal would have to be the Snow Leopard, because they are great at living in tough environments.

How do you start your day?

We love our cold showers in the morning! Brrrr! Followed up with some delicious coffee and breakfast. Then… the difficult task of choosing which running shoes to wear for the day 😉

 What’s your message to the W5 tribe?

Having done many long distance races, we understand that goals can be big, daunting and seem realllly far away….but through our years of experience, we can tell you now – understand that you won’t get there right away, it’s take one step at a time. Just one small step after another. Goals in life are the same – a combination of many small actions. Focus on them and you will look up soon enough and realize you’ve made it.


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February 6, 2018

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