Kimberley Carder

Kimberley Carder

I’m Kimberley Carder, a doctorate student and part-time athlete. I was the first female professional MMA fighter in Hong Kong, making my debut as an underdog and coming out as the champion. I continue to compete as a jiujitsu athlete.

I am in my final year of my Clinical Psychology doctorate, I work in a practice specializing with children and families, right now, my education and training is much more in the world of psychology. These past two years, athletics has to be somewhat less of a priority. I still train 4-5 times a week and do strength training 2-4 times a week, but the main focus for me is academic. I graduate as a doctor in May so we will see how my schedule changes then and what athletic and professional goals transpire in the next couple of months.

Your message to the W5 Tribe? Know what you want and go after it. The hustle is real, but so is the fulfilment of knowing you can rely on yourself to reach your goals.




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February 8, 2018

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