Week 1

Strength and Movement

This week we are building overall fitness with a focus on Strength and Movement with Stephanie Cuvelier.

Stephanie is a Women’s Five Ambassador and an Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist. She is working as an Exercise Physiologist at her company Calibrate Studios, designing and implementing health management and exercise rehabilitation programs for private clients with a variety of lifestyle conditions, acute/chronic injuries, rehabilitation goals and exercise adherence issues.

Week 1 Overview – Lifestyle Programme

If you are following the lifestyle programme, the daily workouts are here, a combination of Running and Movement.

Mobility Video 1

Mobility Video 2

Video Disclaimer

This video is a guide only. Please do not try anything outside your normal range of movement. You are under no obligation to copy someone any of the movement suggested and that’s the owner of this video will not be liable to you in respect of any personal injury (including without limitation serious injury or death) that you may suffer or sustain directly or in directly as a result of watching or copying any movements in this video. Nor will the owner be liable to you in respect of any other losses arising as a result of any such personal injury



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Weekly Overview – Running Programme

If you are following the run only programme, the daily run workout are below.

Choose your programme –

1) Choose distance, 2) Choose Beginner or intermediate

This Weekend’s Training Details!


*click image for facebook event: location details and equipment to bring*


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What’s great about Calibrate Studio?
Small group classes (max 6 people per class)

Trainers who are focused on giving clients the best possible care & attention.

What services do they offer? Training, Nutrition, Exercise Physiology and Education

See you this weekend! 🙂

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