Week 2


This week we are building overall fitness with a focus on HIIT (high intensity interval training) with Sohee Kim.

Sohee is a certified personal trainer and has a plethora of other certifications in the field; including but not limited to TRX, Triggerpoint, Kettlebell, and RRCA. She currently is a freelance personal trainer and teaches group classes at multiple studios.  Her classes are not like your typical conventional workouts, she makes sure you are having fun and breaking a sweat while doing it.

Week 2 Overview – Lifestyle Programme

If you are following the lifestyle programme, the daily workouts are here, a combination of Running and HIIT.


HIIT video 


Video Disclaimer

This video is a guide only. Please do not try anything outside your normal range of movement. You are under no obligation to copy someone any of the movement suggested and that’s the owner of this video will not be liable to you in respect of any personal injury (including without limitation serious injury or death) that you may suffer or sustain directly or in directly as a result of watching or copying any movements in this video. Nor will the owner be liable to you in respect of any other losses arising as a result of any such personal injury

Questions? Reach out to us!

1)  info@womensfive.com

2) Connect with Sohee: @sobo_the_fitspo

Weekly Overview – Running Programme

If you are following the run only programme, the daily run workout are below.

Choose your programme –

1) Choose distance, 2) Choose Beginner or intermediate

This Weekend’s Training Details

Saturday 14th March - HIIT. 8:30am - 9:30am

Held by Sohee Kim. A talented up and coming personal trainer and group instructor in HK

Date: Saturday 14th March.

Time: 8:30am – 9:30am

Location: Tamar Park. On the raised platform by the water closer to wan chai side click here for google map

Please bring your own Yoga mat or towel if you don’t have a mat 🙂
We will all go for coffee in Cafe 8, (above pier 8) after if anyone would like to join.


Sunday 15th March - RUNNING. 9am - 10am


Date: Sunday 15th march 

Time: 9am – 10am (pleas try and arrive 5 mins early)

Location: Wan Chai Gap Park (half way up Stubbs Road)

5K Group 1: 4min run, 1 min walk x 5
5K Group 2: 1km x 3
10K Group: 5x1km
Running Gear:
We will have a van for you to leave your bags in whilst we are training.
Location for meeting and finishing here:


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