April 2017

Registration for April 2017 Run

The Women’s Five event is more than just a run. Our hope is that it will become an agent of change that will help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Included in your registration is a 5 week Running Program, and a 5 week Yoga Program as well as a weekly meetup training session for all participants to join.

Why Running and Yoga?  “Yoga and running are the Yin and Yang of fitness” – Denise Thompson

We chose these two activities because they both compliment each other so well. Yoga is the perfect activity for runners because it gives you a chance to work on your flexibility and strength – engaging all the major and minor muscles you need to run well and stay fit. By bringing together two such large, active communities in Hong Kong you now have more and greater access to the best of both worlds.


5 Week Training Program + Meetups

Coming Soon

Charity Partner – RainLily Hong Kong.  $100 of each participants registration fee will go to our selected charity ($100 for individual, $200 for team) 


Women’s Five Run (closed) – stay tuned for the November run!

As the 5 week training program is almost over we are now offering a run only price option. What you get: Sponsor bag + 5km run.

Distance: 5km



Team of 2: 

Entry Capacity: We will cap entries at 500 people for the first event so sign up now!