Event Schedule

November 2017 


The Women’s Five event is more than just a run. We hope to create an agent of change in your life to help you build on your goals, whatever they may be. Included in your registration is a 5 week Health/Wellness and training Program.


Below is the general schedule for the November 2017 Run

 August – Registration Opens

16th October – 5 week training begins

18th November (saturday) – Race day 


Yoga Meetups: Will be held on Saturdays in the morning (around 8:30am on HK island). *Monday and Tuesday classes will be in the evening around 7pm

Running Meetups: Will be held on Sundays in the morning (around 9:30am on HK island)

Evening talk/ Movie Night: Will be held on saturdays and sundays in the evening (at 7 pm)

Calendar Schedule:

*If you join the full program, none of the sessions are mandatory – you can go to whichever you like. 


 Race Day Schedule

We will send a detailed rundown to participants closer to race day. The start of the race will be approx 8:30am.