November 2020. Run Information & Registration –

Run with us! Or join us before the run as we work out together and guide you through a 5-week health and fitness programme where you can reach greater heights both physically and mentally with likeminded women who strive for more.

“Are you ready?!

Join us for a fantastic run! Have fun and challenge yourself!

Updated * 2020 Changes.

We are those who are always looking to keep moving. Always aiming for progression. Things are tough? We know that we have a great network around us and we can achieve anything we put our minds to. We take things one step at a time, because each step gets us closer to the goal. We are unreasonably optimistic, hold our heads high, support each other and know that we can make anything work. We are the Tribe.

This year hasn’t been easy for anyone, and we hold out our hands to you for support, together we are stronger.  Our word of the year? Adaptation.

We are of the firm belief that ‘now’ is always a suitable time to start something, While it can be easier to wait for the ‘right’ time, you will get less done, and may miss out on some incredible moments in your life.

Sometimes things are difficult, and in these moments we learn more about ourselves than we otherwise would have.

It may never be perfect, but we push on anyway because that is what we do.

We believe that things can still be great even though they may be different than originally planned.

The Women’s Five Run in November will go ahead. Due to the restrictions we will be changing it up a bit.

Please welcome Women’s Five UNSHAKEABLE. 

What’s the Same?

You will still run the W5 course with friends

You will still get your race pack

You will still get a time

Top runners will still receive a prize giveaway

All runners have the chance to win lucky draw giveaways

What’s Different?

Your run will be held at a time of your own choosing. We want it to be somewhere between Nov 7th – 15th

Because of number gathering restrictions we will not all run together but individually, in pairs or in groups of 4 – whenever is best for you during the 9 days.

You can run anytime during the 9 days and submit your time to us (instructions in email)

This is no Virtual Race, we will be out there doing it on the trail – just doing it differently!

We believe we can still hold a meaningful event despite the challenges because we do not limit our minds, we accept and overcome.  We are really excited for this new challenge.

Rules of Women’s Five UNSHAKEABLE

1.Participants can do the run on their own time during the allotted days.

2. Participants are recommended to bring at least 1Litre of water, energy bars or gels, telephone, a small amount of cash.

3. Runners must run the actual course and distance designated they signed up for to qualify for a result.

4. All participants must bring their number bib and display the bib at the start point to take photos for the record. should be sent to: info@womensfive.com or added to the whatsapp group (see point 11)

5. Participants should carefully study the route that you will run on – a live google map you can follow on your phone will be provided by the organiser – study it well, there are no markings on the course!

6. Participants must record their run using a gps tracking app – such as Strava or Garmin Connect. The recorded run should be sent to us to validate your result. If the participant uses shortcuts and does not follow the course designated, the organiser reserves the right to DQ the runner. You must submit your time and GPS to to us by the 15th November midnight.

7. Participants must be aware of the traffic conditions and pay attention to the road and vehicles when crossing any roads.

8. In case of bad weather (Amber Rainstorm or above, T3 or above, Thunderstorm Warning) or any physical discomfort, participants are advised to stop the activity immediately.

9. In case of emergency, please call the organisers emergency contact number 98400656

10. The organiser recommends that participants to purchase personal accident insurance on their own, and the organiser is not responsible for the safety of participants. There will be no first aid on site. We suggest you run with friends in a group of not more than four to comply with COVID regulations – do as we always do and watch out for each other in the special circumstances.

11. To help encourage each other for the 9 days all runners will be added into their selected distance whatsapp group – here we will share encouragement, photos, information etc 🥇 (you may message us first, or leave the group if you do not want to be added)

Race & Event Information:

Race Distance: 5K, 10K

Date: November 7th – 15th 2020

Start & Finish Location: Aberdeen Country Park BBQ area – click here for google map (see getting to start below)

Start time: Any time you wish between the suggested dates.

Categories: Individual or Team of 2 (run and finish together)

Course map and race information – View details here

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